What is Cloud Based CRM Solution?

What is Cloud Based CRM Solution? – A cloud- based CRM is a CRM system hosted in the cloud, which allows for entering data from anywhere (any place & any device with internet access). Also, associates irrespective of department (or from any business unit) can work with the same data simultaneously. Cloud CRM Solution enables you to work ever with high efficacity, which is specifically important during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Benefits of Using Cloud CRM Solution

Cloud- based CRM systems deliver automated business operations to manage the complete customer expedition – from lead advancing to opportunity management, and continued account maintenance. Best-in- class cloud CRM solutions enable users to connect the dots between marketing, sales and client service, allowing companies to efficiently manage client relations throughout the entire customer journey.

1. No Need To Deploy Servers

Not at all like nearby applications that are facilitated on the in-house servers of the organization, the real information base of cloud CRM Solution arrangement is facilitated remotely which implies you don’t need to purchase exorbitant equipment or recruit additional staff – all you want is a consistent web association and an internet browser.

2. Reduction of Operational Costs

Cloud CRM frameworks require altogether less inclusion of IT staff empowering entrepreneurs to spend less cash on IT foundation support. The obligation regarding the strength of a CRM in cloud lies on the software seller, whose commitment is to give every one of the vital updates on schedule, fix the bugs in the event that they show up, in a word, to make alterations guaranteeing smooth software activity.

3. Mobile Access

The adaptability of CRM in cloud makes the software accessible at whatever point you want it. Additionally, you can likewise approach cloud CRM Solution from any gadget: progressed cloud-based CRM frameworks have versatile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. They completely synchronize with work area rendition of the framework to drive usefulness without being restricted to your laptop or PC.

4. Online Control

On the off chance that a CRM is conveyed on cloud, there is a capacity to screen the framework activity on the web and promptly respond on the off chance that any issues show up.

5. High Level Of Security

The best cloud CRM applications give you the capacity to securely store important data on the remote datacenter. The opportunity of unapproved access is wiped out because of the unrivaled degree of safety. Have servers of CRM in cloud apply extra safety efforts and state of the art innovation to screen the wellbeing of your information.
In addition, everything the information put away in cloud is upheld routinely, accordingly diminishing the incidental loss of information because of a few specialized issues. The CRM merchant takes most of the dangers for information security and wellbeing.

6. Scalability

Cloud CRM Solution arrangements give the capacity to essentially in a flash scale up or down contingent upon the particular requirements of the organization, which permits purchaser to pay just for the assets utilized at a specific time. Usefulness of software items is currently wide to the point that intricate use of the software can prompt the exercise in futility for superfluous cycles.

Key Features Of Cloud CRM Solution

Here are some key features of Cloud CRM Solution :

Business Process Management

Manage all types of business processes, both structured and unstructured ones, with Creatio. The system contains pre-built best practice processes, and business process designer has pre-configured elements for users to create their own custom processes as well. Dynamic Case Management helps to manage unstructured processes, enabling to select the best path to achieve the required results faster. With drag’n’drop tools, you can easily change stages and steps as well as add or delete the elements with no effort.
  • 360-Degree Customer View

Effectively manage the data of your customers, leads and opportunities with Creatio cloud CRM Solution. Database stores all the account and contact information in a single place. Smart data scientist enriches the profiles of your customers with the data from the open sources. All the history of customer interactions that entails orders, calls, messages and complaints is stored in the customer profile as well, eliminating the necessity to search for the required information in several different places.

Collaboration Tools

The system enables its users to communicate with customers and within the team right from the app. Creatio allows for collaborating via multiple channels including phone and email. The system will notify you on the most important updates, latest deals and projects with the help of enterprise social network (ESN). Thanks to the integration with PBX system, users can receive and make calls directly from the system, and integration with MS Outlook provides tools to manage your contacts, opportunities and leads from the email box, even without logging in to the system.

Knowledge Management

Creatio provides a knowledge base, a library that contains all the important guidelines, scripts and documents for new and current employees. Users may also use knowledge base to share ideas and comments.

Document Flow Automation

The software contains specific tools to manage different types of documents, including several built-in templates. The system records all the history of document approvals and chronology of activities for each document. What is more, Creatio allows for setting the relationship between documents and quickly switch from one to another.

Mobile Application

Ready-to-use mobile application enables users to access all the important data no matter where they are. The app can be used both offline and online, and regardless of the mode you choose, the required information will be accessible.

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